Guitar Repairs

Ghost Rider Guitars offer all types of maintenance and repairs to instruments ranging from restrings and setups to complete restorations. With over 25 years of experience, all of Steve’s work is done onsite and is guaranteed, and being a local iconic musician, he understands the importance of a well setup instrument.

For more information on repair guru Steve Opitz and his work or, to contact him in regards to a guitar repair head to his website here or email him at

Repair Price List

*Strings and parts supplied at extra cost

Service Type Price Service Type Price Service Type Price
Restring 6 Strings $20.00 12 Strings $30.00 Setup Acoustic $75.00
Electric $85.00 Locking Trem $95.00 New Nut / Saddle Plastic $35.00
Bone, Graphite $60.00 Fit Machine Heads $45.00 Glue Internal Bracing $65.00
Re-fit Bridge $65.00 Right to Left Hand Conversion $65.00 Broken Neck/Headstock $85.00
Electrical Repairs i.e. pots, jacks, switches $40.00 Install Pickup No routing $55.00 Routing required $105.00
Install Acoustic Pickup $65.00 Install Floyd Rose Tremolo No routing $85.00 Routing required $185.00
Install Preamp System $125.00 Fret Job/Fret Dress $160.00 Fretted to Fretless Conversion $205.00
Scallop Neck $205.00 Re-fret Unbound $230.00 Bound $290.00
Custom Scratch Plate $155.00 Complete Assembly of supplied guitar parts $255.00