About us

Holden Hill Music has been established in the North Eastern Suburbs for more than 30 years with many major brands on the floor including Fender, Cole Clark, Gibson, Ibanez, Orange, Epiphone, Marshall, Allen & Heath, Shure, Sennheiser, Steinberg, Yamaha, Roland, Boss, MXR and many more!         

We started with a small brick façade building full of dark aisles where guitars hung patiently waiting to be played, rows of looming shelving that housed drum kits all shiny and new and a small staff who loved music.

Slowly we began to build a community from our store and school.  Now proudly operate out of a huge modern warehouse with a much bigger variety of stock.

All of our staff love music and are always only too happy to help you find the best products for your budget and needs.

We have watched with pleasure, many of Adelaide's professional (and amateur) musicians grow into adults, still playing, loving music, and still shopping with us!!

The most important thing to us is our customers.  And we are always happy for the next generation of youngsters to come into our shop and learn the trade at our music school.

We have also been a sponsor of the Weekend Warriors and Young Warriors programs since their inception over 12 years ago.  The Weekend Warriors Program has been responsible for hundreds of adults being able to rehearse and play in a band live on stage.  Many of the bands created through the program are still playing to this day.

Dom Di Sisto, owner of Holden Hill Music, is an Australian Music Association (AMA) board member and the National Co-ordinator of the Weekend Warriors Program.  Dom has worked extensively with some of the biggest names in Australian music, and a large number of international acts.

Our staff do not work for commission, therefore our customers are never pressured to buy from us.  They buy because we have great products, give the best advice, and price will match any other music store in Australia on anything we stock!

We have been running our store successfully by word of mouth going into our 4th

decade.  That is the true Rock n Roll way!

Come in today and support your local one-stop music shop at Holden Hill Music!

Get the gear, advice, best price, and peace of mind you need to ROCK!!